Technical specifications

Construction SMC -fibre reinforced duroplast
Coating2K - paint / colored thru
Shock absorbtionCPP-1 E+ pad system with increased bulk density in crown pads
HarnessCRS-2 harness system
Edge protectionEPDM rubber system
SizeSize H1 approx. 680g/1.433lbs (±3%), Size H2 approx. 700g/1.587lbs (±3%), Size H3 approx. 720g/1.873lbs (±3%) including harness, suspension, rail system and reflective stickers
CertificationThe ATR-1 is to be aproved according to: EN 16471:2014, EN 16473:2014, EN 12492:2012 EN 1385:2012, UIAA 106, CE Mark
InterfacesCMR-1 rail system and Universal Head Lamp Mount as a standard
Colorshigh viz yellow (RAL1026) + photo luminescent, zinc yellow (RAL1018), white (RAL 9016), black (RAL 9004), high viz red (RAL2005), high viz yellow (RAL1026), pure orange (RAL 2004), red (RAL 3020), blue (RAL 5015), photo luminescent