The ultimative protection for law enforcement officers in crowd and riot control situations


lightweight resistant modular

An impact helmet with an outstanding resistance to blunt trauma. Modular and lightweight. Protects the head in all dynamic environments, from riot & crowd control to corrections and cell extraction.

Unique characteristics

Comfort – reduced weight, advanced ventilation and optimized shape for a better fit

Functionality – riot rail system on both sides for add-ons like cameras, flashlights, etc. Riot rails with integrated sockets for mandible and/or breathing mask.

Modularity – consists of a helmet shell, retention & suspention, visor, mandible, neck guard and add-ons.

Adaptability – removable neck protection and visors protect against stones, sharp objects, flames, etc.

Extra protection – visor liquid barrier & rail drainage for protection against biological & burning fluids

Robustness – special helmet coating for protection against fire & chemicals