Busch PROtective

Our products are great, and we are not afraid to say it. 

Although it may sound vain at first glance, we have many reasons to believe that the little things you do every day are what lead to greatness. Author Robin S. Sharma says that all your “small and smart things” throughout the day eventually amount to greatness. Greatness comes from the small steps you take every day. It is a process of slowly, but surely chipping away at everything ordinary in your professional and personal life, so that one day you will be left with only the extraordinary.

We are always working to make our products better and better. Every day, we work towards the extraordinary, taking advantage of 40 years of experience, implementing state-of-the-art engineering, and pushing our research and development beyond today’s standards. With every little step. Consistently elevating our standards of greatness.

Here at Busch PROtective, we believe in quality protective gear, designed in Germany, produced and assembled locally in Europe and in the United States. We innovate for people by people. We act globally but never forget that we produce for professionals in high-risk fields who rely on our protective products. With all these people in mind we share the same values – we protect what matters. For us what matters is you.

That’s why we believe our products are great and hope you’ll get to know us better soon.




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We are driven by innovation

Our company was found in 1981 by Egon Busch. From Day 1 we used the innovation to challenge the status quo, no matter what market we entered. We started with headgear for motorcyclist. In the early 1990s, we developed a ballistic helmet for the German Army. In the late 1990s, we became one of the biggest manufactures of bicycle helmets in Europe. In 2007 we played a pivotal role in developing a high-end helmet for the global firefighter market in cooperation with Dräger.

From the business perspective, we succeeded in all markets we entered. The biggest value for us, however, was the vast knowledge and unparalleled experience we gained in the field of head protection. 40 years of research and development for different types of needs is what we benefit from – or we could say – you benefit from as our customer.

We adapt and become better and better.

In 2014 a tragedy happened. The founder – Egon Busch – passed suddenly. As they say, it is always the darkest before the dawn. Our new dawn rose when Egon’s son, Edwin Busch, took over the steering wheel and started a new chapter in the history of our company. Edwin’s approach was to utilize the knowledge and experience accumulated over 30 years through R&D, focusing strictly on the law enforcement market. Within two years, Busch PROtective entered the law enforcement market with the world’s first non-metal VPAM3 certified helmet. In 2018 Busch PROtective expanded globally and opened a subsidiary in the United States to provide faster service and local assembly/distribution to the growing North American market. In 2019 our ballistic helmets were the only ballistic helmets in the world to garner the distinguished DEA-FBI Ballistic Helmet Protocol certification.

We are proud to say that the United States Department of Justice (FBI, DEA, USMS & ATF) trust our AMP-1 TP with their head protection. SWAT teams all over the world wear our helmets as well. Police officers in Germany, Asia, and the Americas keep our ballistic helmets in their cars, for if and when they need them.

Three constitutions of Busch PROtective

If you asked us, what are the three core values that constituted us as a company, we would say:

  1. Strong belief that what we do matters
  2. Innovation
  3. Close relationships with our clients

We believe in what we do, because our mission is to make the world a safer place. We innovate because we want to provide our customers with protective equipment that breaks limitations and take our customers’ capabilities to a new level. This is our vision. We stay close to our clients because they know their misson best. Our clients are real people, facing danger. We want them to get back home safe. This is our calling.

With our slogan PROTECT WHAT MATTERS, we make a clear statement. Everyone has something they value highly. We offer you head protection systems to protect what truly matters to you.