Technical specifications

ConstructionFiber reinforced duroplast
StyleRiot cut
Coating2K scratch-resistant paint
Schock absorbtionCPP-1 R system (EPP & comfort pads), FR optional
HarnessCRC-2 harness system, variants available, FR optional
Edge protectionEPDM rubber edging, CAM buckles, tailored to right or left-handed shooters
SizeUnisize (S-XL) 52-62 cm/6.5-8.0 in
Certificationblunt impact resistance according to EN 397, 5.1.1 resistance to penetration according to EN 397, 5.1.2 flame resistance according to EN 397, 5.1.3 blunt impact resistance and resistance to penetration have been performed at -10°C/14°F (6.2.3), water immersion +20°C/68°F (6.2.5) and +50°C/122°F (6.2.4)
InterfacesCRR-1 rail system with integrated mandible ans mask interface
Colorsblack, olice green, midnight blue, Hydro-Dip & custom colors on demand
Visor and liquid barrier3mm/ 0,118in (EN166)
5mm/0,197in (VPAM KDIW)
Neck guardshock absorbing
Mandible3mm / 0,118 in