BAM-1 ballistic mandible

Busch PROtective ballistic mandible BAM-1, shown without a helmet.

Extra protection

ballistic. lightweight. robust.

A ballistic mandible with an easy-to-mount system. Modular and comfortable. The extended protection for your face in high-risk situations.

Busch PROtective ballistic mandible BAM-1 for all helmets with a CMR-1 rail system, shown from the side.

Ballistic – Penetration resistance against 9mm DM41 with 425 ±10 m/s – 1400 ±33 fps

Lightweight – The whole system weights only 280 g/0.62 lbs

Easy-to-mount –Installation within seconds due to the use of steel hooks and clip connection

Compatible – BAM-1 mandible can be mounted on any helmet with a CMR-1 rail system

Perfect match – A perfect match with a ballistic visor BAV-1 with mandible cut.

Robust – Coated with an abrasion resistant fabric and EPDM rubber